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A New Kind of Sex Addict: Technology’s Role in Shaping Impulsive Behavior

In the past, sexual addiction was often linked with issues of trauma (example: childhood sexual or physical abuse).  The typical addict was a man who had a history including such difficult issues and was living in an ongoing trauma cycle (create a … [Continue reading]

What is Sexual Addiction?

What is Sexual Addiction? Sexual addiction can best be understood in two parts.  These are “sex” and “addiction.”  The first of these, sex, includes the cognitive, emotional, relational, and physical expression of sexuality.  It is not limited to … [Continue reading]

Who am I/Who did I marry?: Dysfunctional Board Meeting- Understanding the Sex Addict’s confusing behavior.

Understanding the man who engages in sexually addictive behavior can be difficult and confusing.  It’s made even more difficult, as he doesn’t understand himself.  Once the discovery of illicit sexual behavior is made, the conversation might go … [Continue reading]

The “good Christian” with a Porn and Sex Addiction Problem

Your church is full of men who struggle with pornography and masturbation.  Statistics tell us the issue is absolutely rampant, and perhaps one of the most critical issues facing today’s church.  Perhaps you can relate with Gabe’s … [Continue reading]

The High Performer with a Secret Life | Portraits of Porn & Sex Addiction

Are you among the strong, proud men who struggle with sexual addiction?   In contrast to the typical picture of addiction, the “high-functioning” sex addict is a man of significant accomplishment, often holding a position of prominence in his … [Continue reading]

More Women Say They’re Addicted to Porn

A survey by Today's Christian Women found one in six women says she struggles with a pornography addiction. by Joanna Small, KSPR News Reporter and Photographer10:07 p.m. CST, November 29, 2012 SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- More women are addicted to … [Continue reading]

What are the kinds of trauma?


Trauma of Omission- the lack of or absence of what was needed.  Generally, trauma is thought of as an act of commission, but it exists in the form of profound absence.  Many sex addicts have significant issues of childhood neglect or … [Continue reading]

What incidents can be called trauma?

In an effort to answer the question, "Is what I went through trauma?", people look for a list which classifies incidents as trauma or non-traumatic.  However, there is no such comprehensive list.  Given the intimate nature of trauma’s impact, we … [Continue reading]

What do I do about my trauma?- Common Mistakes People Make

If you are struggling with trauma and its difficult impact on your life, you likely have one question: "What can I do to about it?"  Left with the long-term consequences, most individuals want to regain some sense of normalcy.  Trauma, at its core, … [Continue reading]

Sexual Addictions & Trauma- Treating one, not the other

Effective treatment of sexual addictions involves addressing both the addiction AND the underlying trauma.  It is true, one may be treated in lieu of the other.  A person may resolve much of their past trauma and still struggle with compulsive, … [Continue reading]