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Addictive Cycles 101: The Basics Part 2

Part 2 The Individual’s Tendency for Cycle-Preservation:  Why does a person seem so committed to their destructive behavior, even when they say they want to change?  Again, we will use the simple concept of a circle to understand this aspect of … [Continue reading]

Addictive Cycles 101: The Basics Part 1

Part 1:  Understanding Addictive/Destructive Behaviors as Cyclical:  When you think of your own or a loved one’s  addictive/destructive behavior it is helpful to imagine a circle.  A circle is a continuous line with no beginning or end, flowing into … [Continue reading]

10 Indespensible Habits of Successful Parenting

Invest in your relationship with God. Attend church regularly, pray for your family, and read your Bible. Be the person of integrity and character you tell your children to be. We ALL need to look in the mirror regularly and determine, with the … [Continue reading]

A Word on Parenting Boys

In an age of political correctness and gender neutrality, it is important to remember that boys and girls are different because God created them uniquely. A mature understanding of parenting requires that we not be gender avoidant, but sensitive to … [Continue reading]

10 Quick Tips for Disciplining Children

Keep explanations simple and brief. Say less, do more. Let your children connect the dots and figure out the lesson they are learning. Be respectful in speaking to your children, modeling what you want from them. Your anger is a valid, but … [Continue reading]

When to Get Family Counseling: Family Counseling 101

Most of us put things off until we can’t any longer. If you have taken time to look at getting  family counseling, you probably already know it’s time or past time to get help.  At The Relationship Center, we know issues don’t simply go away; they … [Continue reading]

Emotions 101: Creating a Common Language

Most people think they know what emotion words are and what they mean.  Say the word “sad” and instantly each of us has a host of definitions, memories, and thoughts which define what the word means.  It is precisely this phenomenon which is the … [Continue reading]

Parenting: A Balancing Act

It's no secret, parenting isn't easy.  Children don't come with instructions manuals, and, even if they did, it seems the manual gets rewritten on a regular basis.  Often times, parents may not even be sure how to conceptualize and then communicate … [Continue reading]

Is Pedophilia caused by biology?

A recent article in the LA Times on Pedophilia is misguided.  The title is quite sensational "Many researchers taking a different view of pedophilia," and, no doubt, had a desirable effect of drawing readers to the content.  However, the use of the … [Continue reading]

Discovery vs. Integrity in Sex: Secular Humanism vs. Biblical Truth

We live in an age of self-discovery and self-actualization.  It's a tenant of Secular Humanism.  The great quest is to delve into “who I am” and learning to embrace whatever one might find.  Humanistic psychology has championed this approach, and … [Continue reading]